OB Ultrasound 1st Trimester (13 Weeks or Less) - $100
2D - OB Ultrasound 2nd or 3rd Trimester - $125
Includes a complete study.
Measurements to check growth, evaluate internal organs and spine, placental and fetal position and assess amniotic fluid.

This information is put onto a report from that you can take to your doctor or care giver. After checking all the important things we will record a DVD with the cute and fun stuff. You will also get about 8 - 10 pictures.

4D - OB Ultrasound 2nd or 3rd Trimester - $175
Includes all of the above, adding the 4-D imaging to the DVD, another 8-10 pictures in 4-D (color and black and white) and a CD for the computer with 2-D and 4-D pictures on it so you can print off more at home as well as e-mail pics to friends and family. .

With a 2D or 4D exam we will also attempt to tell the sex of the baby if it is in a position to see that area. This is included with the exam.

Most importantly, we don't just do "entertainment ultrasound". Your exam will be performed by a registered sonographer. . Rest assured that we will check your baby to the best of our ability for any problems there might be, then we'll look at all the fun stuff. A radiologist's reading is also available for an additional charge, if you or your doctor would like that.

A 2D exam takes about 30 minutes.
A 4D exam takes about an hour.