Ultrasound Unlimited Inc. came into existence in September of 1987. Barbara Sovde-Pennell B.S.R.T., R.D.M.S had been a sonographer for 5 years. She began her career at Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City after completing the Sonography program at the University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center in 1981, taking the national registry in the same year to become a registered sonographer. Before that, Mercy did not actually have an Ultrasound department. She was the first sonographer to work in the Radiology-Ultrasound Department, creating an area for a new science and technology which flourished rapidly, eventually hiring more sonographers and growing into a large, fast paced, cutting edge Ultrasound department.

In 1982, Barbara married Paul Pennell, who had been a radiology student at Mercy before she had come to work there. He was then working in Radiology at University Hospital. Barbara left Mercy in 1984 to work for a mobile ultrasound company, Sun Medical Systems that had recently moved to the area from Florida. She enjoyed getting back to her roots as a rural community, Kansas girl running a mobile route that provided Ultrasound service to rural hospitals in Oklahoma that otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer that option to their patients. Later that year, Sun Medical Systems decided to cut their ties in Oklahoma. Diagnostic Radiology of Edmond took over the route established by Sun and naturally, hired Barbara as their mobile songrapher.

In October of that year Barbara gave birth to their son, Eric, and yes, she did several sonograms on herself and did know they were having a boy ! After 3 years of running the mobile route for Diagnostic Radiology, she decided to go out on her own. In part, to be able to control her hours to be able to spend more time with their son, and to attempt to create a working environment not only more friendly to a working mom, but  to provide a better income as well.

So, Ultrasound Unlimited was born.  Through the support and stability of her husband Paul, Barbara started her company by providing vacation relief and fill-in work for area hospitals and clinics. After obtaining her own equipment she then began providing service to rural hospitals and clinics in the Metro area. After several years of traveling around the state, she opened an office in Edmond in 1991, seeing a need to provide an alternative to high priced sonograms for many women who didn’t have insurance or their insurance wouldn’t pay for a sonogram.

To this day, Ultrasound Unlimited provides a necessary service to the community, giving an option to women who need or want to have a sonogram but aren’t able or don’t wish to spend the amount of money that most of the area hospitals and clinics charge. This isn’t just for entertainment or only to tell if the baby is a boy or girl. Barbara will also do a thorough check of the baby, measurements to be sure of proper growth,  check internal organs, spine, position of baby and placenta, assess amniotic fluid and do all she can to check the well being of baby and look for problems, keeping in mind that not all problems can be seen with a sonogram.  All of this information is put onto a form for the mother to take to her doctor or care-giver for them to apply to her situation. After doing this exam, then she will obtain pictures, record to a DVD, and with the 4-D exam also give a CD for the computer with 2-D and 4-D pictures on the CD.